Could the major you’ve never heard of lead to the career you always wanted?

There’s a new way to think about food: as a science

Food science is a field with great job security — because everybody eats. And the University of Holy cross offers the only food science program in greater New Orleans.

A UHC degree in food science will position you for high-paying jobs — starting national average of $55,000 a year — in a region full of award-winning restaurants, burgeoning distilleries and one-of-a-kind cuisine.

You’ll get industry experience before you graduate

Earn paid internships within the local food industry. Compete in national food competitions. Share food research at national conferences. Develop products for top companies and restaurants in New Orleans.




Choose your path

At UHC, you can specialize in a range of high-demand food and beverage areas — from food safety to beverage distillation to sales. You’ll earn top-notch training in our processing kitchen and beverage lab that partners with local companies on food research —  like creating a healthier king cake with Oschner Health.


Undergraduate degrees

  • BS food science: concentrations in food science and beverage science
  • BS food business
  • BS culinology


Graduate degrees

  • MS management, concentration in food business


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Course highlights

Once you dive into your major courses, you’ll see your confidence swell as you learn the art and science of moving food from farm to fork in a safe, healthy and nutritious manner.

Explore these courses and more:

Food Chemistry

Learn the science behind food and investigate the chemical interactions that make it consumable. You’ll study food emulsion systems, acids, enzymes, gels, colors, flavors and toxins.

Advanced Product Development

Design and develop food products using principles of food chemistry, food processing, nutrition, sensory analysis and statistics. Your team project could turn food waste into an award-winning no-sodium, low-carb cracker recipe.

Fermentation  II

Understand the factors at play — yeast selection, environment, carbonation method and more — that can keep your brew from spoiling.

Paid internship

Intern in the local food industry during your final year of study. You might develop a product for a client, like partnering with famous chefs to bottle their most popular sauces.


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What can you do with a UHC food science degree? Careers to consider:

  • Research chef
  • Culinologist
  • Food quality specialist
  • Food technologist
  • Distiller
  • Nutritionist/dietitian
  • And more


Students in lab



  • Smoothie King
  • Zatarain’s/McCormick
  • BEC Beverage
  • BlendMark
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Jazzmen Rice
  • Gulf Coast Blenders
  • And more


Of food science students complete a paid internship


Average class size


Starting national average annual salary

Why UHC?

In-demand Careers

Career up with an in-demand degree, and build the confidence to use your talents to serve others.


Private-university quality

Choose a top-quality private university experience — without all the loans. Graduate with less debt than at any private college in the region.


A welcoming community

Join a campus community that feels like family. Our Catholic heritage welcomes all faiths and promotes the ideals of service to others.


Personal bonds

You’ll never be treated like Student #47 in a mega-class of 200. You’ll build close bonds with classmates, faculty and staff that drive your career forward.


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