In a tough labor market, how can you be positioned to move your career forward?

When the economy bounces back,
make sure you’re ready

Today, more than ever, organizations must work smarter. They need managers who can spot upcoming problems, implement complex solutions and make sound decisions that drive the business forward.

Now is the time to build your management skills and stand out. Whether you want to rise in your company’s management structure or to get started as a manager, this program is your chance to:

  • Move up as a leader in your company
  • Build management expertise as you expand your business and workforce
  • Add a career-defining credential on top of your bachelor’s degree



More options

Specialize to stand out even more

Add a concentration by taking three additional classes.
Choose from tracks in:

  • Healthcare management
  • Project management
  • Food business management

A traditional version of this program, mixing on-campus and online courses, is also available.



Our program attracts everyone from business owners to state senators. Maybe you’ll be like the temp worker promoted to a managerial position in a logistics company — even before finishing the program. Or the healthcare worker promoted twice to become a mid-level manager in a hospital. 



  • Hancock Whitney Bank
  • Team Gleason Foundation — Landmark Healthcare
  • Chevron Oronite 
  • Veterans Administration
  • Kinder Morgan (energy infrastructure)
  • Navy Reserve
  • Their own companies — from consulting to real estate capital investment
  • And more


Months to finish


7-week course at a time



Why UHC?

Balance your education with your job

Because we understand the demands on full-time professionals like you, our program strikes the right balance.

You’ll have weekly online classes, with assignments to tackle at your own convenience — early morning, late at night, over lunch. Some courses have one or two Saturday Zoom sessions for group projects and final presentations.

And you’ll never need to juggle several courses. Just focus on one class at a time — and keep progressing toward graduation.


Take advantage of individual attention

You’ll access the advantages of our traditional on-campus program: small classes capped at 15 people, a cohort of classmates you’ll get to know, and individual attention from professors. If you need help, we’ll set up a 1:1 Zoom session to get you up to speed.


Dorm room

Program highlights

Learn to manage for real life

A theoretical background just isn’t enough. That’s why most classes feature Harvard Business School and other case studies where you face the same challenges as real managers and CEOs. Some examples:

  • When Calveta Dining Services decides to double its $2 billion business as it transfers leadership from father to son, what’s the strategy to get there? Should it merge with another company? And what’s the ideal organizational structure of the post-transition company?


  • When Uber experiences declining sales — and protests about its corporate culture — how can it improve both its public perception and bottom line? If drivers are contractors — not employees — how do they represent your company? And how should they be compensated in a way that is fair (but profitable)?


Because these case studies are plucked straight from the business world, you can track whether your solutions to those exact problems meet the industry benchmark. Can you outsmart the corporate leaders?

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