Gregory Gaines

Future physical therapist

Do good.

Helping his patients feel comfortable.

Do well.

Aiming for more—an advanced degree in physical therapy.

Gregory Gaines chose UHC for its renowned nursing program, but one course changed his career direction.

WWhen Gregory dug into the study of ligaments, sesamoids and deltoids, his Anatomy II classes struck a nerve.

“When we got to muscle and bones, that’s when it clicked,” Gregory said. “Muscle and bones were my thing.”

His professor noticed, too, and planted the seed for Gregory to consider a career in physical therapy. Now Gregory is taking his passion for the muscular system to a new level—pursuing an advanced degree in physical therapy following graduation.

Uncovering your passion

Gregory found his career calling when his Anatomy I and II professor, Dr. Wiser, encouraged him to pursue his real passion. “Anatomy I was a little rough to handle,” Gregory said. “So when I dived into Anatomy II, we started with the heart and ended with the male reproductive system. It was a lot. But the Thursday before I took my final, I officially changed my major.”

Helping patients feel comfortable

Gregory landed a job as a patient escort at Ochsner Medical Center after answering a job posting UHC sent to students. “I’ve been wanting to work for the hospital,” Gregory said, “and I got it.” Known for his big personality around campus, Gregory loves interacting with patients and making them feel at ease as he escorts them to their appointments.

A caring community that supports your success

Gregory says that UHC is unlike other colleges because it welcomes students from all backgrounds, gives them the individual attention to succeed in the classroom and pushes them to aim higher. “At UHC, you know people by their names,” Gregory said. “You form friendships. When I was struggling with Anatomy I, my professor told me how to balance life with all of your other classes, even while that one class consumes you. At UHC, you’re getting different walks of life. Your classmates are people with families who are coming to further their education. It’s a great mixture, and the teachers have a really strong relationship with students.”





3 Favorite courses

Human Anatomy and Physiology II

Understand the structure of the human body—from its circulatory to reproductive systems. Labs feature advanced, whole animal dissections that show you how body systems work.

Introduction to Acting

Choose an elective that fuels your imagination. You’ll construct a character from a script and perform a scene and monologue.

Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Learn how to research your ideas, present your argument and get your point across.



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