Quintin Coleman

Future public health nurse

Do good.

Gaining patient care experience in clinical rotations at New Orleans hospitals.

Do well.

Carving out a meaningful career helping underserved populations.

From Ohio to Louisiana and from radiology to nursing, Quintin Coleman is making all the right moves.

CChanging careers to follow his dream, Quintin chose the University of Holy Cross when he moved to New Orleans from Ohio because of the nursing program’s stellar reputation in the medical community.

“It’s a lot more challenging than I expected it to be,” Quintin said. “I know that I’m going to know my stuff when I’m done.”

With one clinical rotation under his belt, Quintin’s getting valuable experience while inching closer to his dream of providing healthcare to underserved populations.

Practice makes perfect

In UHC’s nursing lab—designed like an actual hospital with high-tech mannequins that respond as patient stand-ins—Quintin’s professors provide him with evidence-based reasons for how to react in clinical settings. Then he gets to transfer what he’s learned to the real-world. “In the lab, the mannequins can have various issues, like skin issues or wounds that need to be cleaned,” Quintin said. “We learn skills like aseptic techniques to keep the wounds clean and prevent infections. We get hands-on experience before we treat a real patient so that we learn exactly the proper procedure.”

On rotation

At West Jefferson Medical Center, Quintin’s clinical rotation began with a patient pick-up—a process that required him to review his assigned patients’ records the day before. He’d prepare himself with a full understanding of his patients’ care plans and how he needed to support the nurse in charge. “During rotations, we get in some key skills like giving vaccines or baths, helping feed patients, doing our physical assessments and monitoring their vital signs,” Quintin said.

Caring for others

When he’s not in class, Quintin finds time to give back to the community as a member of the Student Nurses Association. This past semester, he volunteered with the Chevron NO/AIDS Walk, which has raised more than $5 million for HIV and AIDS services. “I want to focus on public health,” Quintin said, “serving people who can’t afford healthcare.” He’s looking forward to his senior year, which provides a deep dive in community health.





Getting involved

Student Nurses Association

One of UHC’s biggest clubs, SNA organizes everything from professional conference trips to nursing-home bingo days.


Volunteers have walked over a million miles to raise funds for area HIV/AIDS services.



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